Friday, September 11, 2009

What's on the table?

After recently finishing a rather long move ( From Texas to Maryland! ) I've just started to think about 'What's Next' on the painting backlog. I have a lot of things I can do from here, so I'll lay it out to you all, and hopefully someone will have some good ideas on where to go with it all next.

Warriors of Chaos

I started this army a while back now, and really love all of the models I've picked up so far, I kind of stalled out on them after a bad paint session with my Marauder Horsemen and haven't worked on them since! In my possession right now are 2 units of Chaos Knights, a unit of Marauder Horsemen, and a Khorne Lord on Juggernaut. The only thing painted out of that mass of awesome is the single unit of Khornate Knights seen above. I've just recently broken down and picked up my Army Book as well as the Main Rulebook for the game so I'm completely new to it, only playing my first game with a friends mini's a few short weeks back. I'm excited for this army though because of it's dedication to characters. Giving me a lot of chances to experiment with different colors and techniques within the same army thanks to all of the great one off models.

Pattuns Boyz

My orks have been on the back burner for a while now as well thanks to the Sons of Medusa eating up all of my time these past few months. And while the Sons aren't 100% where I'd like them, I really feel the need for this break from them. They're playable, just not tournament point level yet. The orks have filled the need to paint something different with the muted color scheme I've gone with here, and while being green, it's a completely different green from what the SoMs have going. They're simple to paint, and a lot of fun as well. I don't have to think on these guys, just do. I'm sitting on the AoBR orks, a trukk, a stormboyz squad and zagstruk right now. I plan to get more armored elements for them and add some fun conversion work as well. Another squad of boyz will be in order once I can find some round helmet ork heads around the web! This is a 'for fun' force that will be just the models that I like or have laying about. I do loves them though!

Space Hulk

Who ISN'T working on Space Hulk minis right now? My plan is to paint them in Angels Sanguine colors and re-base them onto some appropriate 40mm tech style bases. I might order some resin ones to get me along a bit faster than scratch building them, but I could use some practice in that department so we'll see what I settle on. The reasoning behind the 40mm bases is simple, I want a termie army. This gives me that and some great minis for it to boot. I had worked up the list from just the hulk termies and it ends up at 750 using Deathwing rules. I haven't had the time with the new Wolf dex to see if the force would conform to their rules yet, but if it can I'd weigh my options between the two, main issue being who reps Logan Grimnar. So for now the plan is to build around Deathwing. The colors will be the fun part in all of this though. I'm planning a non-black-black in that the black will actually be a very dark grey tone with only the very recesses being true black. Everything else will be done in shades of grey. The red will build up naturally as well with some different glazing opportunities for more natural colors. I'm also considering light sourcing for them in a subtle manner. Many people tend to go over the top with this, but if I can make it work at the level I want, it will make them that much more interesting, and give me a great exercise in a technique I've never used.

Misc. Thoughts

All in all, I have a lot of great projects I could be working on. And I'm not sure that I can dedicate my time to a single project again like I did for the Sons of Medusa. I found myself drawn to so many different things while I worked on them, and while some of them got through ( a few orks here, a APE there.. ), I stifled myself from pursuing the things I wanted to do for the things I 'had' to do. I do want to get back to my Sons someday in the near future though as well to help finish them off and get a full painted tournament/league army, but I see any efforts in their direction being one off work or squad work. In fact I'm sort of seeing myself edge that direction with ALL of these projects, to satisfy my need to do something different all the time.

Any thoughts you guys might have or wishes for what you'd like to see me work on, I'm all ears as I move forward with all of this! Thanks for reading!


  1. Being a WFB fanatic, I can't wait to how you're Chaos Mortals army develops. But then again, I'm just a fan of your painting in general, so any new projects will be appreciated!

  2. I'd love to see more Sons, but I'm right with you on getting burned out on a single project. After doing army painting for a year and a half I've recently been doing whatever strikes me at the time and I'm having a lot more fun. I'd say for some Space Hulk termis or some of the Warriors of Chaos.

  3. Wait You left Texas? For Maryland?! Kidding - you just keep on posting. I can't wait to see your Termies!

  4. I really think some one off Warriors of Chaos heroes is where I want to go right now. It offers me a chance to paint just to paint and to paint whatever strikes my fancy, while still remaining game viable.

    I really think we'd ALL love to see my termies...but right now it's just not in me. After the spray fuzzing fiasco, I still have yet to strip them and I'm actually waiting on some new bits from Maxmini to show up ^_-. I picked up their black lotus shields and helmets and am dying to retool my termies with them. Oh yes, the greek look is in.

    As for leaving Texas, I am now a military dependent! My wife joined the Navy Nursing Corps. Just when I thought we were free and clear of the military, they suck us back in!