Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pattun's Boyz - A new member

Some of you might already have seen that I have some Orks I've been working on ever so slowly. The Sons of Medusa sort of side tracked my little army project for a while now. But every once in a while, I'll take a break and throw some paint on the boyz. Today, I randomly decided that I'd finish up another boy for the mob.

The new boy is the third from the left. He went fast enough since I have a bunch with basecoats already down ( thank you batch painting! ). I hope to do more of them in the near(ish) future after I am in Maryland.

The overall plan for the boyz is to use the WW2 US Army paint scheme for them. I'm not really planning to make them my main army, just a fun side project that will eventually be a fully painted, and playable, small army. I have the Assault on Black Reach orks, a truck, a unit of Stormboyz and Zagstuck so far. And for now, I think that's more than enough to get me off an running. Oh and if anyone happens to know where I can get some round helmet orks, let me know!!


  1. Looking good! Love the rust effect and the skin.

  2. They look really good. I love the rust on all of their weapons.