Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maryland. East Coast a go go.

Hey guys, just thought I'd reach out to any Maryland gamer types that happen to read. I'm a new resident of the state and live just 20 minutes north of DC. I'm hurting for some new stomping grounds and would love to hear where the best scenes are.

I've always enjoyed having a shop to call 'home' even if I don't game that often! If you have the scoop, I'd love to hear it!


  1. Where about are you in MD? While not an MD resident myself I am Northern VA Resident so I know a bit about MD and its gaming community.

    Baltimore - GW Battle Bunker in Glen Burnie
    Rockville - Dream Wizards - dreamwizards.com
    Fredrick - Hobbytown USA
    Chesapeake - ComicsMD - http://www.comicsmd.com/

    Check GW's site for more store locations, there are at least 3 other locations besides the Battle Bunker in MD. Now for Northern Virginia (NoVA).

    Alexandria - Eagle & Empire - www.eagleandempire.net
    Game Parlor Chantilly - gameparlor.com
    Game Parlor Woodbridge - gameparlor.com
    Fredricksburg - Game Vault - thegamevault.net

    There are also three GW stores, GW Springfield (in Springfield, VA); GW Fair Oaks (in Fairfax, VA), and GW Sugarland (in Sterling, VA).

    The Clubs to know in the area are:

    Iron Fist League: Primarily a VA club, based out of the two Game Parlors playing on Tuesdays and Saturdays primarily, but also have members that play at Eagle & Empire, a few of the VA GW Stores, and Game Vault - www.Ironfistleague.com/forum

    CGi: Primarily plays at GW Springfield on Sundays, but also has a group that meets somewhere up in MD on Friday Nights. - http://www.tlsconline.com/forums/index.php

    Inner Circle: Recently Formed group out of the GW Battle Bunker, sorry do not know much more about them and as far as I know they do not have a forum.

    Sugarland Gamers: Group associated with the Sugarland GW Store. Our site recently went down but will be back up soon. - sugarlandgamers.com.

    I hope this helps. Welcome to the area. I am associated with the IFL and Sugarland Gamers and primarily play out of the Sugarland GW store right now. If you have any other question or want to meet up for a game some time leave a message for me over on bloodandblades.blogspot.com or send me an e-mail a jpowell37@gmail.com. My name is Jay by the way.

  2. Jay, I'm currently residing in Germantown. Thanks a TON for the break down! That's a great gaming guide to the area! I couldn't have asked for anything near all of this.

    I'll likely hit up as many of the 'closer' stores as I can in the near future and pick my favs from the area. Since a few are a bit out of the way to get to, they'll be special occasion trips usually. Like the Game Vault, I'll be headed there sometime to see about stomping Ron! And the Battle Bunker to see the creme of the crop of GW.

    Sugarland GW is about an hour from here thanks to no bridge between Germantown and there, so even it will need to be a bit of a special trip. Though I'm sure I'll make it out there! If I do, I'll be sure to fill you in.

  3. No worries, I used to have a bit of my thumb on the communities and the flux of area stores back when I was a fairly active Pressganger for Privateer Press. While I am still a PG, i have been on Hiatus till they get 2.0 out the door and up and running (early 2010) so have been playing more GW games.

    If you play more then just GW games I can tell you the place to get involved with the historicals community is Eagle and Empire, it is their specialty. If you do PP stuff, Games, Comics, and Stuff which is up near the GW HQ in the Glen Burnie area or Dream Wizards would be your best bet up in MD. Being in Germantown, I would suggest Dream Wizards to be your first stop. They have the best selection of products and paints in MD and a fairly knowledgeable staff in my experience. I can't comment of the community to much though as most of the people I know that game there no longer live up that way.

    Well best of luck to you and let me know if I can be of any assistance further, you can pay me back in painting tips, I have always really admired your stuff.

  4. Hey, I was just scrolling through your blog and saw this. Beautiful minis by the way...I'm in DC. I find gaming at the Glen Burnie Bunker is fun, great tables and what not, but its hard to just go and find an opponent there. You better bring your opponent with you is what I am saying.

    Dream Wizards in Rockville, on Thursday nights, has a game night. It's a casual atmosphere and its easy to find a random opponent to play a game or two. I find that people there are more friendly and welcoming to new gamers and than any of GW stores. Plus they stay open later.

  5. Well, hell! I was unaware you were moving up to the great NE. Or, at least more in the direction :)
    If you don't mind the drive, Mike Halia has a good store over by Philly, which would be a little over 1.5 hours from you. If you REALLY don't mind a bit of a drive, you ought to come up to Allentown/Bethelehem area for a tournament over at the Portal (http://www.forums.theportalcomicsandgaming.com/index.php ) with myself and periodically Boss Salvage when he is in town. If you needed a place to crash, I have an extra room in the house you would be welcome to :)