Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marauder Horsemen


It's been FOREVER since I worked on these guys, but I'm REALLY digging on the army and the game so, here we go again.

BUT, I'm at a stalemate. I want to paint my Marauder Horsemen to get them out of the way and on the table top, but I'm really having 'direction' issues with them. I worked on the one marauder a long ass time ago at work, didn't like how he was coming out, and haven't touched the army since! And since they're a helpful testbed for the characters, I want to work on them before hitting my big mammajamma Khorne Lord on Juggy ^_^.

Here are some quick shots of where I'm at:

As you can see, I'm really at an impasse. I just don't know what to do with the model to make it more interesting 'fun'. The skin tone is rather dark, but I wanted him to be tanned, I'll do different skin tones throughout the army, I hate doing the same skin color all the time on every person, it's just not true to life!! The colors are almost directly from the Khorne Knights, and I think that's the issue. Where they were able to rely on the use of metallics to make them interesting and fun, these guys only have a few metallic bits and pieces.



  1. I'm not sure how fast you could pump 'em out, but what about tattoos? They could be in a bright color (blue, perhaps) that stands out from the other colors. Also, you could vary the marauders' hair color, and maybe even paint the horses different colors.

  2. I was thinking you could so some Celtic-style symbols onto the armour plates, like on this guy:
    You could do it in a grey over the red or repaint the armour grey then do the pattern in red, so still staying true to the colour scheme you set out
    I also like Shrink to Fit's idea of blue tattoo's - they would look like the guys on the King Arthur movie

  3. I'm thinking of going to an all metallics look for them instead of the deep reds of the Khrone Knights. I can use washes to tint and add color to them, in fact I'm thinking Devlin Mud would be a good color.

    The tattoos are a neat idea if I can execute them properly, though I'm not certain on blue as a tattoo color for them, a bit too 'lord of change' ^_-. The hair and beards will likely catch some nice bright, yet more natural, coloring.

    My biggest thoughts right now are:

    Should I make the horses more natural than the stark black of the knight mounts?


    Should I use a brown leather look instead of the stylized black brown I have on the Knights and so far have used here?