Thursday, August 20, 2009

Badab War: Gorgon Veteran Squad

They are done! I have finally finished painting my Gorgon Vets. After all these months, it's about time too. Again these are just some quick cell phone pics with the ol' Blackberry, and future pictures are sure to come, but for now they'll do.

I wanted to carry over some more of the metal work from the other guys in the army. It really transferred over quite nicely. I think I migght even go back and rework the Sergeant with some of the same if it strikes me he needs it.

I know the barrel needs drilled out on the Melta there! So don't yell! I'll be taking care of that tonight! I was just too eager to share the completion of the squad!

Of course future wargear options will be added in the form of different models but for now this gets me a playable unit for the force.

Anyone at BoLSCon this weekend will get a chance to see these guys in person! Along with the rest of the force!


  1. I'm not sure about the double heavy bolters in Sternguard, but the unit looks pretty phenomenal.

  2. To be fair, I built them this way specifically for the Badab War.

    In that campaign they get Scout, Stealth and the HB's get Hellfire Shells.

  3. This squad's set up has got me thinking about ways to use a unit like this all the time. And I must agree, the unit looks phenomenal.