Monday, January 25, 2010

Sons of Medusa Dreadnought WIP

My latest project is another addition to the boys in Green. Did most of what you see on him this past Sunday. Airbrush made my base colors far easier to get down, and as of now, he's about halfway finished. Still a lot of detail work and weathering to go, but he's already fitting in nicely with his big brother Perseus!

Expect more progress soon!


  1. More green it is! The new Dread looks great. How are you doing the chipping? I imagine it's with a sponge but I've tried that out and wasn't able to get the same effect you do.

  2. I use both a sponge and a big gnarly messed up brush. The biggest thing is to test the pattern on a paper towel first. It's hard to tell people how to pull off sponging battle damage, so it's up to you to try it until it comes out right.