Monday, December 28, 2009

More Airbrush, More Learning

I'm really going all out with the airbrush on the drop pod commission. Learning a lot as I do as well. I'm obviously going to have to go back in and do a bit of clean up here and there with the brush, but I'm really happy with the knowledge I've picked up so far!

The plan from here out is to go brush in the black and touch up over spray by hand as well. After that they should be good to go! And while this took a bit longer than expected, future projects should be much faster with the airbrush up and running now. Just need to plan things out a bit more!

I'm hoping to start sharing what I've learned from this so far with those of you out there looking to start using an airbrush! Expect something on TPC in the next month or so!


  1. A little bit of masking will save you a ton of work here. I use an airbrush for quite a bit of my mini painting and a little bit of masking tape can save having to retouch a lot of the overspray.

    They are looking good though, i sthat mechrite red you sprayed? If so, how did you thin it, water?

  2. I've got a bit of masking going, just not enough, or a quick enough hand at it. So a few decisions to not mask areas have come back at me. Not a huge issue as black is easy to paint over anything and anywhere else is just a light dust that settled.

    It is indeed mechrite red. I stopped using water after my first try with it. I've gone on to try out windex as my thinner medium and haven't looked back. I had issues using water as it sputtered a bit too much on me, might have been equipment issues too though. The windex was a recomendation I'd read on a few airbrush guides. So far it's worked out beautifully. I just go 50/50 with it, maybe a tad more on the windex side.

  3. Does the Windex change the color much? It is so blue.

  4. I've yet to see any noticeable difference with regard to color when using windex. I would think that the pigmentation of the paint is just easily overpowering any coloration in the windex.

    On the whole I'm sure there is SOME sort of shade change, but it's so subtle it's indistinguishable to me.

  5. You can also use plain rubbing alcohol as a thinner. I did the water thing exactly once and that was enough (suck) for me. I read probably a lot of the same "beginning air brushing" guides you did and windex and alcohol were pretty much neck and neck for times they were recommended -- and the color issue is what made me decide to go with alcohol. I also use a 50/50 alcohol/Citadel paint mix and that seems to work like a champ.

    Good to see you coming along with the airbrush. It's such an amazing tool, I really would like to learn how to use mine more fully.