Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Airbrush Up and Running!!

I finally got an Airbrush up and running with no small donation from my good friend LBursley! To get me started in learning the thing and it's abilities, I've used it to help paint the Codex Grey onto the Drop Pod commission!

I'm headed out to GW Onley tomorrow for a pot of Mechrite Red and possibly some Boltgun Metal as well.

I'm already really impressed with how the airbrush works for me. I'm just doing the simple stuff right now trying to learn the limits of the new tool, but I can't believe I did without it for so long!


  1. Just remember to keep it clean and it will treat you right for a long time.
    When I finsh I do a 3 step process
    1)spray a cup(paint cup)full of hot water
    2)spray a 50/50 mix of water and windex
    3)Spray a half cup of isopropyl alcohol(tamiya thinner) to do a final rinse and to remove any water left inside.

    Also remember to clean the nozzle when finished
    (I use an old paintbrush and thinner)

  2. Going to be doing plenty of airbrushing soon too so topics like this are great for me.

    One thing I'm particularly interested in at the moment is peoples opinions on best thinner types, ratios etc.

    I think a good future article would be a walk-through from setting up the airbrush, things to consider (working PSI's for different effects/uses etc), paints and thinners that work well/won't clog and finally cleaning and maintenance.

    A lot to cover so might be best spread over a few articles.

    Looking forward to seeing more of what you do with it mate!

  3. Yeah, what ratios are you using to thin the GW Foundation paints? And what are you using as a thinner?

    I've only worked with the Tamiya paints, with alcohol thinner in a 3:7 ratio.