Sunday, August 16, 2009

Desert Support Razorback - Complete!

Well, it's finally done! It took much longer to get to this point than I ever expected it to, but that's mostly thanks to finishing up some school and work things. Take a gander at the finished product:

With this one I went full on with the weathering again. It makes even more sense for this piece as I envision it as the Recon element for the main force. Making initial contact and falling back to the line as the rest of the troops advance. It's really nice to have another piece in the desert scheme for my Sons of Medusa. I don't know that I'll do many more units, if any at all, in this scheme once the Gorgon Marines are finished, but if I did it would only be used on other recon type elements.

Used the Tamiya weathering master soot around the exhaust ports and the Weathering Master Sand as an overall dusting. Streak marks are just Gryphonne Sepia in multiple thin coats. Lots of washes of regular color as well as GW washes.

Any Questions I'd be happy to answer, and if you see something you'd like a tutorial on, let me know!