Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And So starts a Companion Blog

A lot of folks really enjoy reading The Painting Corps. We've got a great following there and a lot of info comes down the tubes for the consumption of the general wargaming community. But all of that information doesn't just happen spontaneously! It only happens after hours and hours of painting and a variety of different projects.

So to keep things nice and tidy on The Painting Corps, I've decided to create this companion blog for those of you who would like to follow what we are working on while you wait patiently for your next tip fix. Expect a lot of updates from WIP photos to finished project layouts. This will also give you, the readers/followers, more of a chance to ask questions and help guide where we take The Painting Corps for future tips and how-to articles!

Stay tuned. Ask questions. And I hope you enjoy this new facet of The Painting Corps.


  1. I'm with you!
    But my RSS reader picked up the test post of that GIDroid (or whatever it was?)
    I want to see more!

  2. Good luck with the new blog. Looking forward to the "lot of updates from WIP photos" :)