Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eldar Progress

Just a quick snapshot of the eldar I've assembled and primed so far. Still have a bunch more stuff to go. Apparently, I've got around 1500 points spread around my hobby room from some things I've purchased, gotten in trade or picked up from friends that wanted to get rid of them!

Airbrush parts are on the way which will facilitate the paint for these guys. Picked up a metal siphon cup and some more pots/tops/covers for it as well. Once airbrush parts get in, I'll be doing base coloring for everything at once! Stay tuned.


  1. Nice! Glad you finally got around to ordering up the brush parts. And you were right. Those bases look sweet :)

  2. I've already started picking out the colors for them too. Dying to get those parts in. After talking with you about using colors on black instead of greys, I've changed things up a bit too.

    More as I go forward!